Thursday, November 24, 2016


In "Maxine's Dad," an episode of "The Carmichael Show," upwardly-mobile Jerrod and his working-class family are about to have dinner with Jerrod's girlfriend Maxine and her father, both upper-class. Of course, Jerrod is afraid that his family will embarrass him.

Jerrod, facing his parents: "This dinner is really important to Maxine, so when we get to the restaurant, don't talk about how expensive the menu is, and nobody's gonna split a steak to save money" -- turns to his brother Bobby -- "and NOBODY is gonna order a red wine with Coke in it!"

Bobby: "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Look here, Jerrod, it's called a Calimocho, and they drink it in Spain."

[Jerrod looks at Bobby disgustedly.]

Bobby: "Yeah. You think you better than the Spanish, Jerrod? Huh?"

Jerrod: "Yes."

Was this the first time I'd heard of Calimocho (also spelled "Kalimotxo" and "Calimotxo")? It couldn't have been. But it was the first time that a reference to the Spanish favorite made a lasting impression on me. And certainly, the idea of a red wine and cola cocktail sounded kind of crazy to me, like it deserved to be a sitcom joke. Yeah, well...

I found myself with some budget Chilean red wine and some Mexican Coca-Cola, and I decided, "What the hell?" I don't know just how Spanish the result was (!), but I mixed equal parts red wine and Coke over ice and took a sip.

It was like heaven in my mouth.

In fact, I was supposed to try the wine in other cocktails, but I kept making Calimochos.

I need to watch myself or I might become addicted. And that would certainly amount to way too much sugar.

Are there any crazy-sounding cocktails which got you hooked once you tried them?

Thank you for reading, and as always...Happy Drinking!

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